Check Mode:           Verification of the bundle of notes witk ok stamping Facilty
Alarm signal Mode:  continuous beep and locking of holder for Notes in the Bundle 
Batch Mode :           Designed to batch desired quantity of notes  from the       bundle 
Manual Mode :       suitable for counting up to 200 nos.of Notes including loose notes 
Free mode :            free counting machine 
Ok Stamp mode :    ok marked stamp on the note when the counted number is  100
Add Mode :             For Cumulative (ADD) Counting 
Diagnostic Mode    : for Self testing machine 
Counting Speed 100 Notes/4sec. 100 Notes/4sec.
Note Size Min.100 X45 mm  Max.240X100mm Min.100 X45 mm  Max.240X100mm
Hopper Capacity Up to 200 notes Up to 200 notes
Display Count Mode- 4 digit 7 segment display Count Mode- 4 digit 7 segment display
Power supply 220 V +  10 % ; 50 Hz 220 V +  10 % ; 50 Hz
Power Consumption 420 W 420 W
Dimensions 450WX295DX800Hmm 330WX410DX210Hmm
Weight 33Kg.(approx.) 24Kg.(approx.)
Feed System Vacuum Vacuum
Pump size ¼ Hp ¼ Hp
Spindle Aluminium Aluminium

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